Books of ‘The scenery changes three times’

For the exhibition ‘The scenery changes three times’ Brian Belott, Matthew Craven, Sara Cwynar, and Jen Liu each produced a limited edition chapbook that reconstructs and reimagines the works they have displayed on the gallery walls.

These books are available exclusively through Blonde Art Books.

Brian Belott – Limited Edition of 10 chapbooks (Price upon request, email

Matthew Craven – Limited Edition of 25 chapbooks  – $20 Purchase here

Sara Cwynar – Limited Edition of 8 chapbooks  – $30 Purchase here

Jen Liu – Limited Edition of 8 chapbooks  – $33 Purchase here

2 Replies to “Books of ‘The scenery changes three times’”

  1. I am a book artist with an extensive exhibition and collections history (The Library of Congress, The V & A, London, MOMA , NYC, The Getty Cente, and numerous others).I am interested in contacting you (your Phone Number is?? It is not listed on your site) regarding my works.

    I will be in NYC for 2 weeks starting March 23. Please contact me at

    Thank you.

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