Cold Open Verse in collaboration with Poet Transmit (Victoria Keddie and Cat Tyc) which led to a feature length book trailer reel that premiered at the NY Art Book Fair 2017 at MoMA I PS1, Queens, and was exhibited as part of a weekend-long exhibition and performance series at Knockdown Center, Queens.

Dust: The plates of the present, February 2013 – July 2015, with resident founders Thomas Fougeirol and Jo-ey Tang, at Baxter Street at the Camera Club of New York, September 15 – October 17 2015

This Summer… presenting videos by Maia Asshaq + Jason Sudak, Cara Benedetto, The Blow (Melissa Dyne & Khaela Maricich), Ryan Foerster, HYCIDE magazine, PERADAM (Amanda Friedman, Tony Lowe, Elizabeth Jaeger), R.Lyon & Jessie Stead, Gerardo Madera, Merkx & Gwynne w/ Typaldos, Timeless, Infinite Light
U:L:O: Part II, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, June 18 – August 3, 2014

The scenery changes three timesBrian Belott, Matthew Craven, Sara Cwynar, and Jen Liu, Schema Projects, Brooklyn, March 2 – March 31, 2013

Render Visible in collaboration with Matthew Walker, works by Lea Bertucci, Shelley Burgon, Seth Cluett, Eve Essex & Juan Antonio Olivares, Guy Goldstein, Ben Hall & Nate Wooley, Matt Marble, Daniel Neumann, Elliott Sharp, Jo-ey Tang, Hannah Whitaker, and Philip White, featured publications by Frog Peak Music, Theresa Sauer, JSBJ, Swill Children, Little Paper Planes, Shifter, FO A RM Magazine, MIT Press, Continuum, ARTBOOK | D.A.P., The Kitchen, Miguel Abreu Gallery, Errant Bodies Press, Duke University Press Books, TriLiteral, LLC,
Present Company, Brooklyn, September 30 – October 28, 2012


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