Letter Writing Fundraiser – Words With Love

On behalf of artist Cara Benedetto, Small Editions, and Blonde Art Books.

In 2016, we asked 30 artists and writers to contribute a short text or illustration to Words With Love – a project by women who come together to engage voice, activism, and heart in the form of greeting cards.

WordsWithLove_GeneralSisters(card above by General Sisters)

Today, we feel these words are more necessary than ever. This holiday season we will be participating in several holiday fairs and events and we hope you will join us in sending cards to your family, friends, lovers, or congressperson.

We are selling limited editions sets for $25 and all profits will be donated to SisterSong, Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective.

If you cannot attend the events please consider sharing the event information with someone who may be interested. You can also purchase the card sets online. All profits from the project will be donated.

Available cards by Maia Assaq, Virginia Barratt, Lex Brown, Robin Cameron, Cammi Climaco, Mira Dancy, Moyra Davey, Amy Fung, Sophia Le Fraga, General Sisters, Sara Greenburger Rafferty, Heather Guertin, Kayla Guthrie, Suzanne Herrera, Lucy Ives, Amy Lam, Jill Magid, Davida Nemeroff, Bonny Poon, Alex Reynolds, Aura Rosenberg, Karin Schneider, Mira Schor, Diamond Stingily, Lynne Tillman, Cassandra Troyan, Christine Wang, Camilla Wills, Danna Vajda, Mia Von Matt.

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