BABZ FAIR 2016 – Bushwick Art Book & Zine Fair


The fourth annual BLONDE ART BOOKS – BABZ FAIR will feature new and recent publications by independent publishers, and individual artists and writers.

Since 2012, Blonde Art Books has been dedicated to promoting independent publishing & self-published art books through exhibitions, book fairs, talks, and online exposure.

This year, and for the first time, we have invited exhibitors from outside the New York City region.

Book launches, readings, and other diverse programming will take place throughout the weekend. Check out last years fair!

July 16-17, 2016
Saturday and Sunday 1 – 7pm

260 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Montrose L Train

Food by Mouth to Mouth (Amiel Stanek and Lauren Schaefer)
Beer provided by Brooklyn Brewery
Hyperallergic is the official media sponsor for BABZ FAIR 2016
Poster design by Andrea Arrubla.

SIGNAL stages exhibitions by emerging artists, as well as projects and performances. SIGNAL is run by Kyle Jacques and Alexander Johns.




cinders gallery
Dancing Foxes Press
DittoDitto Books
Draw Down
Endless Editions
Futurepoem Books
International General / The Stichting Egress Foundation
Miniature Garden
Mixed Media
New Documents
Packet Biweekly
pilot press… (Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden)
Primary Information
Publication Studio Hudson
Nikholis Planck
Small Editions

Ugly Duckling Presse
Unknown Unknowns



2:00PM  Hannah Buonaguro & others, organized by RATSTAR
Simple Bookbinding for ArtistsSmall Editions will present a series of simple bookbinding and layout techniques for producing basic artist book editions. Participants will learn how to do a single and double signature pamphlet stitch, a one page book, and learn layout techniques for printing books at home.
4:00PM Wonder hosts readings by authors Joey Yearous-Algozin, Aaron Winslow, Kay Sorin, Marcus Mamourian, and Nicole Reber.
5:00PM pilot press… OPEN MIC is an art/text publish-a- thon. For the open mic, all artists and art writers who would like to participate are invited to bring a piece of their work (for example an artist’s book, art text, criticism, manifesto, poems, fiction, memoir) to present to the audience. All those bringing  something to present should RSVP to in advance; the program will be determined on a first come/first served email RSVP basis, with each participant given 5 minutes to present.
6:00PM Hyperallergic hosts a lively conversation with Nayland Blake, a pioneer of queer zine culture who continues to integrate multiples and indie publishing into his wider artistic practice. In 1990, Blake produced BRAINS: A Journal of Egghead Sexuality with D.L. Alvarez. A frank celebration of queer sexuality with tongue-in-cheek intellectualism, BRAINS was created to define the kind of guy that they were looking for. That zine, along with Blake’s many other projects, continues to influence artists of all types. In conversation with Hyperallergic’s editor-in-chief Hrag Vartanian.


2:00PM  Another Set: Allissa Bennett, Keith LaFuente, and Winslow Laroche will share with the audience a snippet into their obsessions, practices, and passions via social critique (the truth), fashion, and writing – each sharing a general desire to carve and claim one’s own space. 
3:00PM  Launch and Readings for Words With Love – Sets 4 & 5.
Words With Love, is an on-going project by women who have come together to engage voice, activism, and heart in the form of greeting cards. Readers include Maia Asshaq, Cammi Climaco, Heather Guertin, Kayla Guthrie, Diamond Stingley, and more. Organized by Blonde Art Books, Small Editions, and Cara Benedetto.
4:00PM Maximilian Goldfarb will perform an aural slideshow accompanied by a minimal sonic drone from his new text, ‘Remote Viewing: 500 Tableaux’, an observational writing sequence examining phenomena of human-machine interfaces and environmental constructs, and Ian Hatcher will read from his newest book of poetry, ‘Prosthesis,’ a collection infused with the syntax of source code and the cadences of machinic speech, concerned with the question of where the apparatus ends and the body begins. Organized by Publication Studio Hudson
5:00PM Mounting Frustration: Are There Any Words Left To Describe How Unjust This All Is? An hour of readings that tackle our collective and individual discontent as people of color during the last twilight of the West. Featuring Sarah Zapata, Heather Johnson, Lorelei Ramirez, and James Allister Sprang. Organized by Andrea Arrubla
6:00PM  GESTURES is a performance that asks the audience to imagine the movements of non-physically present characters as performer La Martelle verbally describes their whereabouts on the stage behind her. Some of them recite lines of her poetry, some sing lines of popular 90s music- all verbalization coming from the imagined people utilize Martelle’s voice. Surrealist in nature, the gestures and people she describes are real entities she’s witnessed or interacted with while traversing the city watching for oddities.





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