The Photo Poetics Reading Room

An important element of the exhibition Photo Poetics: An Anthology is the accompanying reading room. The show is curated by Jennifer Blessing, working with assistant curator Susan Thompson, and currently on view at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York through March 27, 2016. It includes photography, video, and installation by Claudia Angelmaier, Erica Baum, Anne Collier, Moyra Davey, Leslie Hewitt, Elad Lassry, Lisa Oppenheim, Erin Shirreff, Kathrin Sonntag, and Sara VanDerBeek.

It is clear that these artists are deeply invested in the book – its form, content, and its ability to transform and disseminate image and information.  On the fifth floor adjacent to the galleries of the exhibition is a open circular room bathed in natural light. In the room are two long tables with a display of over 40 books about and by these artists.

We spent some time here  – as you do in a reading room –  unfolding ephemera from previous exhibitions, readings descriptive texts about an artists work and essays written by the artists themselves, noticing certain design considerations, and stacking…

Below is the full catalog and some images of the Photo Poetics reading room:

Erin Shirreff, Albright Knox Gallery, ICA, Boston, 2015
Erica Baum, The Naked Eye, Bureau, New York, Crevecoeur VE, Paris, 2015
Sara Vanderbeek, Sensory Spaces, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, 2015
Moyra Davey, I’m Your Fan, Camden Arts Centre / Camilla Wills, 2014
Kathrin Sonntag, If Only You Could See What I’ve Seen, Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, 2014
Lisa Oppenheim, Works 2003-2013, Sternberg Press, 2014
Moyra Davey, Burn the Diaries, Museum Modernerkunst Stifting Ludwig Wien Institute of Contemporary Art, Vienna, University of Pennsylvania, Dancing Foxes Press, New York, 2014
Anne Collier, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 2014
Anne Collier, Still Lifes, Wood Kusaka Studios, 2014
Elad Lassry, 2000 Words, DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, 2013
Elad Lassry, White Cube, 2013
Erin Shirreff, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston/ Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa/ Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, 2013
Kathrin Sonntag, Green Doesn’t Matter when You’re Blue, Aspen Art Museum, 2013
Leslie Hewitt, Sudden Glare of the Sun, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, 2012
Anne Collier, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, 2012
Elad Lassry, On Onions, Primary Information, 2012
Elad Lassry, Rat Hole Gallery, 2012
Moyra Davey, The Wet and the Dry, Paraguay Pres – Castillo/Corrales, 2011
Sara Vanderbeek, Hammer Museum, 2011
Erica Baum, Dog Ear, Ugly Duckling Press, 2011
Elad Lassry, Luhring Augustine, 2011
Leslie Hewitt, ICA, Boston, 2011
Elad Lassry, White Cube Hoxton Square, 2011
Stan, Sara, and Johannes Vanderbeek, Amazement Park, The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery (Skidmore College), 2010
Moyra Davey, Speaker Receiver, Kunsthalle Basel, Sternberg Press, 2010
Moyra Davey, Copperheads, Bywater Bros. Editions, 2010
Erica Baum, Sightings, Onestar Press, 2010
Elad Lassry, Kunsthalle Zurich, 2010
Kathrin Sonntag, Futur Intérieur, 2010
Sara Vandebeek, To Think of Time, Whitney Museum of American Art, 2010
Anne Collier, Woman with a Camera (35 mm), Hassla Books, 2009
Claudia Angelmaier, L’image et L’objett, Landesgalerie Linz am Oberosterreichischen Landesmuseum, Fotohof Editions, 2009
Kathrin Sonntag, Dracula’s Ghost: Everything we can Imagine Does Exist, 2009
Erica Baum, The Naked Eye, Free Association, Notebook Series No. 1, 2009
Anne Collier, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, 2008
Moyra Davey, Long Life Cool White, Harvard University Art Museum, Yale University Press, 2008
Kathrin Sonntag, In Der Gak SUPERKALIFRAGILISTIGEXPIALIGETIK Gak Gesellschaft Fur Aktuelle, Argo Books, 2008
Erica Baum, Roll Playing, 2008
Claudia Angelmaier, Color and Grey, 2007

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