Preview: Live from the NY Art Book Fair

On the evening of Thursday September 25, Printed Matter opened the doors to its ninth annual NY Art Book Fair, hosted by MoMA PS1.

This is THE go-to event of the year for us art book lovers. Yes, it’s overwhelming, and yes we sweat, but we all know its worth it. Below are a few tips & highlights for a guaranteed good time this weekend.

September 26–28, 2014
22-25 Jackson Avenue on 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY

Preview Thursday, September 25, 6-9 pm
Friday, September 26, 12–7 pm
Saturday, September 27, 11 am–9 pm
Sunday, September 28, 11 am–7 pm


There are some fantastic exhibitors in the XE(ROX) & PAPER + SCISSORS aka the Zine Tent this year. Here are few goodies including the first t-shirt recommendation. Remember you will be inside the museum for an average of 5 hours and it gets hot. You can either dress for the occasion or purchase one of many limited edition t-shirts exclusively available at the fair i.e. Nothing of the Month Club by Cody Defranco.

Also outside is the Small Press Dome – don’t miss Wolfe-Arama, Jokes from Ira published by ratstar (Ryan Foerster) and these unearthed illustration books by Gene Berry exhibited by Bodega.

Inside the museum are three (very full) floors of small press, antiquities, photo books, distributors, cooperatives, periodicals, and artist projects.

In addition all to that book browsing there are hundreds of signings, launches, talks, and performances throughout the weekend. Below are a few that we won’t be missing! Click here for the full schedule.


4:00 pm Marthe Ramm Fortun
An outdoor reading and book launch with Marthe Ramm Fortun, presented by Unge Kunstneres Samfund (ULKS) as part of NORWAY FOCUS: KUNSTNERBØKER.


3:00-4:00 pm
Visiting Heat Island with Isla Leaver-Yap
Isla Leaver-Yap and friends present readings and interpretations of “Heat Island”, Issue #7 of The Happy Hypocrite, published by Book Works. “Heat Island” seeks to understand how our hands (as both digital and analogous devices) and our bodies physically traverse and negotiate knowledge. This event comprises a temporary assembly of individuals who are acutely and intelligently aware that what we choose to do with our bodies, how we express it alone or with others, can provide valuable cultural openings and resistances to bodily regulation, whether self-imposed or via external legislation. Presented by Book Works.

3:00 pm Printed Matter
Signing of Pictures of Pictures with Sara Cwynar. Presented by Printed Matter.

4:00-5:00 pm (Classroom Series)
Yes, But Is It Edible? by Will Holder and Alex Waterman
Book launch and reading from Yes, But Is It Edible? a scored biography of American composer Robert Ashley, for two or more voices. Presented by New Documents.

4:00 pm Table O04
Signing of The Miraculous by Raphael Rubinstein. Presented by Paper Monument.


11:15-11:45 am (Classroom Series)
PEE ON PRESIDENTS by Melanie Bonajo
Screening and Conversation with Melanie Bonajo and Bruno Ceschel
Pee on Presidents is a collection of more then 500 photographs of peeing girls taken by Melanie Bonajo during 1998-2013. The series depicts in a humorous way empowering vulnerable moments of females searching for a hide out (or not) while peeing in public. Little fountains, turn into sculptures, into small gestures of reclaimed female freedom in urban space. The music is a protest song by ZaZaZoZo (Melanie Bonajo & Josep Marzolla) and released as a bonus track on their album Inua. In the song and video patterns of hierarchy, sexism, bureaucracy and patriarchal structures in our society are being ridiculed. It got banned by youtube.

2:00 pm, Table G01
Signing of Available Light by Zoe Leonard. Presented by Ridinghouse.

3:00-4:00 pm (Classroom Series)
Puddle, pothole, portal: A conversation with Judith Hopf, Jamian Juliano-Villani, and Allison Katz, moderated by Ruba Katrib.
Discussing early 20th century cartoons, the kaleidoscopic drawings of Saul Steinberg, the innovative and self-reflexive film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and the history of slapstick, this conversation addresses these topics informing the group exhibition, Puddle, pothole, portal, at SculptureCenter. The panel also launches the exhibition’s publication, which features texts by Katrib, Spyros Papapetros, a visual essay by Camille Henrot, and a reprinting and translated 1988 text by Serge Daney.

4:00-5:00 pm (Classroom Series)
Publishing as Research & Development
Three web-based magazines meet to discuss online publishing as a research & development platform, as an impetus where need pushes technology in new ways. The conversation will grow from the specificities of building new publications to the development of new content such as collection and annotation features and user participation systems. Rather than focus on primarily on content or on the technical, this exchange will try and see how the two lead each other in new directions. With East of Borneo, Triple Canopy, and WdW Review. Presented by Witte de With.



2 Replies to “Preview: Live from the NY Art Book Fair”

  1. 🙂

    Definitely need to find some rubber bands now


  2. yummy yummy yummy!!!

    i hung out at the book fair both saturday and sunday afternoon. i’m very sorry that we didn’t get to connect.

    i’m working on an exciting catalog project with bushwick art crit group. are you available for a coffee this week to discuss? i’d be so thrilled to collab with you!

    solidarity in the bushwick arts and kind regards, christopher

    Christopher Stout

    Artist and Founder of Bushwick Art Crit Group Web Portfolio: BACG Web:

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