This Summer…

We are very excited to announce our participation in U:L:O Part II, July 18 – August 3
Opening Friday July 18, 6-9pm
@Interstate Projects
66 Knickerbocker Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

U:L:O: is an annual curatorial program that invites six curators over a six week period to organize a show in one of the three spaces at INTERSTATE

Upper(U:), Lower(L:), and Outside(O:)

PR Image

U:L:O: Part II | L: Curated by Blonde Art Books

This Summer…

June 18 – August 3, 2014

In a World [Where] or In a Land or In a Time

All they ever wanted was…until, one day…

The trailer’s soundtrack may be scratchy, tension-filled electronic music… hyper upbeat pop music… or a guitar-heavy rock song playing over action-packed, fast-cut footage.

If you liked… you’ll love…

This season’s must-see…

Ends in a shot of the title; it may or may not be spoken by a narrator or… one final tagline and possibly a split-second shot of the author/hero/monster

Coming soon…
Or it is Now available [everywhere]
Or possibly This summer…

  • “Everything is Boring” (2013) Written and narrated by Maia Asshaq, video by Jason Sudak for forthcoming publication.
  • “Teaser” (2014) Video by Cara Benedetto for the forthcoming publication, “The Coming of Age”.
  • “From the Future”, (2013) Video, book, and song by The Blow (Melissa Dyne & Khaela Maricich)
  • “Brad”, (2014) by Ryan Foerster for the publication “Its Over Before It Even Started”
  • Trailer for HYCIDE magazine, The Golden Triangle Issue, (2013). Video by DuBois Ashong.
  • Video from “Because Nothing Ends”, (2013) by Amanda Friedman, published by PERADAM, video by Tony Lowe and Elizabeth Jaeger.
  • Trailer for “Golden Champagne”, (2013) video and book by R.Lyon & Jessie Stead.
  • “Untitled Printer for Xavier Antin (test video)” (2014), book and video by Gerardo Madera. “Printed at Home” published by Common Satisfactory Standard.
  • Video for “Take This From Me” (2014) by Merkx & Gwynne w/ Typaldos, published by TOTEM.
  • Trailer for “Terror Matrix” Video by Erika Staiti, book by Zoe Tuck, published by Timeless, Infinite Light.
  • Trailer for “Communism is up there and we are down here but it is happening now” by Olive Blackburn. published by Timeless, Infinite Light. Actors: Jennifer Williams, Judy Bals & Justin Carder, Otis Pig. Audio: Evan Hashi. Film Crew: Emji Spero, Otis Pig, Zoe Rosenblum. Music: Fears, Mega Bog.



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