New Book by Japanther featured at New Frequencies Event

New Frequencies _ Blonde Art Books


Blonde Art Books is pleased to be participating in this upcoming event co-hosted by  Two Dollar Radio, A Strange Object, Kenning Editions, and JAPANTHER. We will be on-site with Japanther’s newest art book ‘THE CAKE OF THE THREE TOWERS’. The event will be featuring special appearances by Trisha Low (THE COMPLEAT PURGE), Barbara Browning (I’M TRYING TO REACH YOU), Karolina Waclawiak (HOW TO GET INTO THE TWIN PALMS), and D Foy (MADE TO BREAK); the new issue of FREQUENCIES, a biannual journal of artful essays.

Cash bar, no cover.

On September 22, 8pm
@ The Drink
228 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11206



Japanther _ The Cake of the Three Towers

The book was produced as part of the performance (2011) by the same name at EMPAC, Troy, NY:

The three towers are prison, museum, and (housing) project, albeit loosely. Music, video, and performance draw parallel lines between the three industrial archetypes. Moving through these structures, the artists utilize fragments of their environment to envision a utopian creative endgame. Meanwhile, an Austrian super villain (Florian Reither) attempts to unite and destroy the dystopian worlds. The Cake of The 3 Towers (TCo3T) is a collaborative project featuring Japanther, Schuyler Maehl, Florian Reither, and Felice Faison.

Commissioned by EMPAC.
Curated by Kathleen Forde.

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