In Defense of Material Circulation: Blonde Art Books’ Traveling Show

Our first extensive interview – Many thanks to Caroline Picard and Anobium.


BLONDE ART BOOKS is a blog, curatorial project, and bookstore focusing on independent publications by artists and small art and poetry presses. Sonel Breslav started the project in 2012. This summer she has been on the road with the project, organizing events across the country, from The Mattress Factory, to the ICA in Philadelphia, to The Wexner Center in Columbus; Blonde Art Books has passed or will pass through such cities as Washington, DC, Baltimore, Detroit and more in order to exchange ideas and local knowledge about independent publishing networks. At each stop Breslav has organized a unique set of discussions and events with other independent publishers, artist book makers and bibliophiles. This Thursday, the 18th of July, she comes to Chicago’s Hyde Park Art Center. From 7 to 9 pm, she will present a table of art books and zines in the BAB collection alongside local authors and publishers…

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