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Blonde Art Books suggestions for amazing holiday gifts (and parties) that support art publishing!


How Should a Person Be? by Sheila Heti
For your girlfriend.

Sheila Heti _ How Should a Person Be?Purchase on Amazon


In an hour Margaux’s going to come over and we’re going to have our usual conversation. Before I was twenty-five, I never had any friends, but the friends I have now interest me non-stop. Margaux complements me in interesting ways. She paints my picture and I record what she is saying. We do whatever we can to make the other one feel famous. In this way, I should be satisfied with being famous to three or four of my friends. And yet it’s an illusion. They like me for who I am, and I would rather be liked for who I appear to be, and for who I appear to be, to be who I am.

We are all specks of dirt, all on this earth at the same time. I look at all the people who are alive today and think, These are my contemporaries. These are my fucking contemporaries! We live in an age of some really great blow-job artists. Every era has its art form. The nineteenth century, I can tell, was tops for the novel.

Little Paper Planes – California Holiday Look Book 2012

Introducing LPP limited edition, specialty curated holiday boxes!

Holiday Boxes by Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes Book
by Chronicle Books, 2012
by Little Paper Planes

20 Artists Reinvent the Childhood Classic
By Kelly Lynn Jones

Little Paper Planes Book by Chronicle Books by Little Paper Planes

Swill Children – _ Quarterly Issue 10: Illusions
Edition of 125
5.25×7.5″ / 33×22.75″
24 pages
Two color Risograph, B/W offset on newsprint

Within the United States, the accepted notions of private and public have melded into one singular definition laced with authoritarian control. State-mandated boundaries in the forms of public parks, neighborhoods, no-fly zones, and constant streams of surveillance, maintain a precarious balance between the illusions of freedom and safety. These physio/ideo-spatial interventions bring with them violent divisions of class: who belongs and who is criminal, who can and who can’t.

— Contributions from: Dena Yago, Eric Hu, Jesse Hlebo, Justin Sloane

— The newsprint component of _ Quarterly Issue 10: Illusions is also the sixth publication in the Brooklyn Shelf Life project; curated by Swill Children and Printed Matter, Inc. in collaboration with Showpaper, presented by BAM.


Everyday is Christmas when you are a member of Triple Canopy

TripleCanopy - membership

Pledge of $3 per month: “I read a couple of articles per issue. I’m a friend.”
Pledge of $5 per month: “Every issue is a must-read. I’m a subscriber (and I understand that ‘subscription’ is a figure of speech).”
Pledge of $10 per month: “I value the work of Triple Canopy—immensely. It is the future, now (it occupies multiple points in time and space).”


Vera List Anniversary Limited Edition Print Portfolio

Published by the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School, MIT and Lincoln Center in partnership with Artspace, the portfolio celebrates the legacy of Vera G. List and the institutions she helped found.

The portfolio includes newly commissioned works by Dan Graham, Sarah Morris, Matt Mullican, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Fred Tomaselli, and Fred Wilson.

Edition of 108. Pre-sale price $3,500 for the entire set, $750 for individual prints.
Available online at http://www.artspace.com/p/vera_list.


“I guess maybe I woke up in a cold sweat once and just had this light bulb go off of doing a book of some sort.”

This is how Ed Ruscha, in a 2004 interview, recalled the events that led him to start creating books. The books he started making half a century ago were influential for generations of artists.

To honour his contribution to the artist’s book, members of ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative launched ABCED in Autumn 2012. ABCED is a multi-volume book project created on the occasion of Ed Ruscha’s 75th birthday, consisting of 33 books by 24 artists. All books are print on demand, 8 x 5 inches, softcover. ABCED was made to celebrate Ed Ruscha’s seventy-fifth birthday and the books are available for one year only. We’ll cease distribution the day Ed Ruscha turns seventy-six.


Abstracted by Jonathan Lewis · Aped by EJ Major · Auctioned by Andreas Schmidt · Borrowed by Joachim Schmid · Clicked by Wil van Iersel · Clothed by Deanna Dikeman · Collected by Wil van Iersel · Colored by Tanja Lažetić · Covered by Hermann Zschiegner · Derailed by David Schulz · Disappeared by Joshua Deaner · Distilled by Jonathan Lewis · Dressed by Julie Cook · Exploded by Tanja Lažetić · Freed by Fred Free · Fucked by Andreas Schmidt · Ignored by Jean Keller · Peed by Jochen Friedrich · Pronounced by Erik Benjamins · Pumped by Mishka Henner · Recounted by Elisabeth Tonnard · Replicated by Joachim Schmid · Reworded by Travis Shaffer · Richtered by Mishka Henner · Rorschached by Andreas Schmidt · Sampled by Jonathan Lewis · Scarred by Burkhard von Harder · Sliced by Heidi Neilson · Stained by Eric Doeringer · Stripped by Paul Soulellis · Uncompleted by Mariken Wessels · Visited by Fred Free · Yellowed by Victor Sira

A discounted boxed set containing all 33 books is available from ABC. ABCED boxes will be numbered and dated but the edition is not limited. The price is 600 € / 480 £ / 760 US$ + shipping.

Pretty Conceptual at Present Company

curated by Angie Waller
November 30, 2012 – January 13, 2013
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, noon to 6pm and by appointment (closed December 22 – 30)
29 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pretty Conceptual features products by Kristin Lucas, Emily Spivack, Squareeater, and Angie Waller with publications and multiples by Badlands Unlimited, Eric Doeringer, David Horvitz, Sarah Nicholls, Yoshua Okón, Ryland Wharton, and Julia Weist. Additional events including a rave hosted by Squareeater, greeting card writing workshop, and presentations by other participating artists, will be announced shortly.


Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos
Curated by Lynne Cooke
Rosemarie Trockel _ A Cosmos

The German artist Rosemarie Trockel has gained international renown for a multifaceted practice encompassing painting, sculputre, video, and drawing. Issues including a concern with natural history, the creative expression of diverse species, and the representation and role of women in contemporary culture fuel her work. A Cosmos—a world shaped by Trockel’s ideas and affinities—is presented in this volume, companion to a major exhibition, which places her in the company of others whom she regards as kindred spirits. Juxtaposing her work with objects that range across eras and cultures, borrowed from the fields of are history, botany, craft, and outsider art, this exceptional ensemble illuminates Trockel’s highly influential practice of the past thirty years.



Molasses Books Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates from Molasses Books – our favorite used bookstore in Brooklyn. The best gift is an afternoon of discovering the treasures that owner Matt Winn has personally selected. Take a seat, read a poem aloud, chat with Matt, and try some pumpkin cornbread with your ice tea. 770 Hart Street, Brooklyn, NY


Center For Book Arts – 2012 Holiday and Thank you Party
Wednesday, December 12, 6 to 9pm
28 West 27th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10001
free to the public
****Gift your friends a workshop on Japanese bookbinding, linoleum printmaking, and/or letterpress****
A festive evening featuring: Hors d’oeuvres, prosecco, cider, and live music! *Cookie decorating extravaganza *Participatory letterpress holiday card printing *Unique, handcrafted creations for sale by the Center’s Instructors *Auction of exclusive printing or bookbinding tutorials *Raffle for Center publications, artist’s books, and merchandise.

Ooga Booga – Holiday Party
Thursday, December 13,
free to the public
Join Ooga Booga & Various Small Fires for a holiday party at their pop-up store on Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach, with a performance by Lucky Dragons!

New and exclusive items are available for sale, including specially commissioned art prints by Bella Foster, David Benjamin Sherry, Shannon Ebner, and Raymond Pettibon!

Distro Nadalex / Sound & Language Distribution Christmas Shop Reception
Saturday, December 15, 12-6pm
free to the public
Come by for a beer and to buy some books!  Freebie giveaways at the opening reception!

Books from Richard Kostelanetz
Music from Gil Arno, Ben Owen, Suzanne Thorpe, Lea Bertucci, Tellus and more
Artwork by Zefrey Throwell

Christmas Bookshop will remain open Saturdays: 12 – 6, Mondays: 12 – 6, Thursdays 11 – 7, and anytime by appointment.

Saturday, December 15, 8pm

Flamboyán Theater, Clemente Soto Velez Center, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC
$10 advance (online tix launch 12/3) $12 door

Featuring performances by Justin Vivian Bond, Dynasty Handbag, Geo Wyeth, Kate Bush Dance Troupe, Nicholas Gorham, Nicholas Buffon, Jennifer Blowdryer and many, many more…

Printed Matter, The Kitchen, Primary Information
Sunday, December 16, 9pm – VERY LATE.

$20 donation at the door

A holiday fund-raising party to assist these three non-profit organization in their post-sandy recovery.

PERFORMERS INCLUDE: JOHN GIORNO, NO BRA, AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! (PERFORMANCES WILL TAKE PLACE BETWEEN 9PM AND 11PM)DJs include: Nick Relph, S & M (Shannon Cane & Matt Connors), Spencer Sweeney, Matthew Higgs, and very special guests…

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