“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them” – The 2012 NY Art Book Fair according to the Exhibitors

Blonde Art Books turned to this year’s New York Art Book Fair exhibitors for their picks. Below are their selections of books to purchase, publishers to look out for, and artists to barter with.

Sto Len & Kelie Bowman from Cinders Gallery —-> Anna Hellsgard from Re:Surgo!

Biondelli Emiliano from blisterZine ———————-> Artists’ Books Cooperative

Jesse Hlebo from Swill Children ————————-> Eva Michon from Bad Day

(Additional suggestions by Jesse Hlebo from Swill Children)

Micaela Durand & Scott Keightley from Badlands ——————–> Ryan Foerster ——————–>

Books by Gee Vaucher at Boo-Hooray

Brian Paul Lamotte & Andreas Laszlo Konrath from Pau Wau —–> Nicolas Poillot & Aurélien Arbet from Études Books —–> A new publication of photographs by Ari Marcopoulos titled ‘Out to Lunch’ from Andrew Roth

(Additional suggestion by Brian Paul Lamotte & Andreas Laszlo Konrath from Pau Wau)
Karen Schaupeter from Ed. Varie ——-> Chris Duncan from Land and Sea

Matthew Higgs from White Columns ———-> Bjarne Melgaard & Sverre Bjertnes, Laying the Ghost at Karma

Both Matthew Higgs from White Columns and Brendan from Karma recommended the new publications by Fulton Ryder

Noah Lyon
——————————————————–> Sad Sex by Desert Island


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