Blonde Art Books + Sternthal Books Pop Up Shop at The Brooklyn Flea


The Brooklyn Flea is located in Williamsburg on the East River Waterfront (btw. North 6 + 7 St.) Sunday July 15th from 10am-5pm, rain or shine. Listed below are a selection of the editions we will be featuring for sale.


CAPRICIOUS MAGAZINE is a bi-annual publication dedicated to showcasing emerging fine art photography. Its contributors and subject matter span the globe and it is comprised almost entirely of images. Capricious Books include THE KNOWN WORLD, a photographic collaboration by Anne Hall and Sophie Morner, I HAVE A ROOM WITH EVERYTHING by Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo, and K8 Hardy’s first artist monograph titled, FRANK PETER JOHN DICK. RANDY is a project by A.K. Burns & Sophie Morner. The periodical is about the people close to us and the people we have yet to meet. It is a celebration and critique of the queer arts.


Conveyor Magazine is a semi-annual publication dedicated to eliminating the hierarchy between emerging and established artists. The magazine includes a series of new photography projects, interviews, articles and essays by writers and artists who strive to bring new ideas on photography to light. Conveyor is devoted to all aspects of the medium, embracing digital technologies while maintaining the unique dialogue that exists between a printed photograph and its viewer.

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Picnic Magazine is a 100% image based magazine edited printed and published in Tel Aviv and distributed in selected libraries, books and magazine stores, boutiques and museum stores worldwide. A visual guide to your new reality, each volume is different in shape ,format, content and design, and presenting various wondrous visions and views from new uprising and carefully selected creators from around the universe. Fashion, architecture, hobbies, photography, cinema, photoshop, pretty boys, pretty girls, astronomy, crazy dance, confectionery, bird watching, contemporary archeology, private collections, cosmic 3D renderings and much more.

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JERICHO MOONS Published by Sternthal Books

Get ready for a journey into the semi-psychadelic world of Eitan Ben-Moshe’s creations in his new book ‘Jericho Moons.’ The book documents Ben-Moshe’s future works through a visual journey that moves between straight documentation and digital collages of imagined worlds where Ben-Moshe’s sculptures and lightboxes are transformed into new entities. This back and forth calls into question traditional understandings of temporality and reality.The selection of images presented in the slideshow were taken both from the book as well as from the artist’s archive.

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This limited edition artwork by Keren Benbenisty is a silver pendant that measures a half by 3/4ths of an inch. OVER refers to the famous work by Robert Indiana, LOVE. Departing from this monumental sculpture while clashing with it, the object, a silver pendant, in its carefully-wrought surface, yields on the one hand a confrontation between both the pessimism and optimism linked with this ambivalent word; and on the other a romantic-cynical dimension, whose movement corresponds to an amorous dynamics. End or beginning? OVER implies both. Endless stories. A playful reflection on time, a disillusioned declaration on life. The artist leaves the question open, suspended.

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Shifter is a topical magazine that was founded in 2004 and is co-edited by Sreshta Rit Premnath and Matthew Metzger. The magazine strives to create a platform that remains thematically relevant to contemporary issues while remaining malleable and responsive in its form and activities. The magazine represents a diversity of positions and backgrounds in its contributors and aims to illuminate and broaden understanding of the intersections between contemporary artistic, political and philosophical issues. SHIFTER, ISSUE 18 INTENTION, gathers conversations and interviews between various cultural practitioners that elaborate on the subject of intention.


Adriana Varella’s new book ‘Trans’ was published on the occasion of her impressive video installation on the facade of the Oi Futuro building in Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro. The book documents the Brazilian artist’s projects to date: Video works, installations, public works, dances, performances and experiments in collective anarchist art making. The book displays plans, written synopses, manifestoes, and digital stills alongside the works themselves. Trans was published in English and Portuguese, and it includes an interview with the artist, essays by Denise Cavalho, Alberto Saraiva, and Ricardo Basbaum.

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Yesterday’s Sun is a new body of work by photographer Uri Gershuni that returns to the origins of photography in order to meditate upon its future. Gershuni travelled to the home of photography’s inventor, William Henri Fox Talbot, in Lacock, England, where he photographed Talbot’s home and its environs. Gershuni used a digital pin-hole camera that he made by replacing the lens with a tiny hole. The long exposures that resulted re-capture a materiality eluded by the ‘reproducibility’ of digital photography. Gershuni’s frames capture elements of surprise, stains of light, amongst other motifs, that resemble the remains of some invisible ghost. Interspersed amongst these grainy epitaphs are a series of nude photographs featuring a young man posing in a stark room. An intimate dialogue emerges between Gershuni’s subject and the barrenness of Lacock.

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The leporellos contain a selection of images from the series THOSE AREN’T YOUR MEMORIES, THEY’RE SOMEBODY ELSE’S (2011) and EVERYDAY ENCOUNTER (2010). Each contains a short text (English) written by the artist. The pictures appear like windows opening up the view towards an ambiguous and phantasmagoric urban landscape, blurred like a very fragile and maybe wrong memory. Elusive and vague they fade away into a visual noise displaying their own fundamental instability and uncertainty. A source of inspiration for this work was the concept of ‘memoire involontaire’ and the specific mode of perception represented in the cultural figure of the ‘flaneur’, questioning the coherence of human recollection.

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Guy Yanai’s first book ‘FIRST WE FEEL THEN WE FALL’ mixes photography, drawing, and painting in the elaboration of a unique visual language. The book opens with a trove of found images that have informed and inspired Yanai’s practice. The ‘Sources’ are followed by drawings, curatorial essays by Nuit Banai and James Trainor, and twenty two plates, including twelve oil paintings on linen, and ten oil paintings on custom birch panels.

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Beloved Object & Amorous Subject, Revisited, was self published by Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Envoy Gallery. The 8 x 10 inches hardcover book with jacket is 112 pages long, and features 45 color portrait reproductions. The book was Designed by Circle & Square, Brooklyn, New York. With texts by Nicholas Boston, Dean Sameshima, David Velasco, and Paul Mpagi Sepuya. Edited by Felix Burrichter.

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Erik Stinson (b. 1987 Seattle WA) is an artist, writer, filmmaker and commercial creative living in New York City. He has contributed poetry, articles and essays to DIS MAGAZINE, HTML GIANT, POOL JOURNAL, RHIZOME.ORG and THE ATLANTIC. He edits the men’s magazine SENSE EUROPA. His publications include OUR NEW YORK OFFICE (essays) 2012, DO YOU LOG IN HERE OFTEN (poetry) 2012, FUTURISM: SELECTED POEMS 2007-2010, 2010, AND THEN I DISAPPEARED AGAIN, 2011, and 4233 7TH AVE, 2011.


The Sota Project is an art book that accompanies Ofri Cnaani’s latest video installation of the same name. The book retells an anonymous story from the Talmud about two sisters named Sota and Bekhorah, Legend has it that when Sota’s husband accused her of infidelity, she appeared unexpectedly at her sister Bekhora’s door. Sota explains that her husband suspects her of being unfaithful, and is taking her to the holy temple in Jerusalem to drink from the Bitter Water. If the women drinking this concoction had been unfaithful, then she would blow up on the spot; were she to be found innocent, she would be blessed with a child. As Sota explains her predicament, Bekhora does not question her. Thus we do not know whether she is guilty or innocent. Bekhora offers to go in her place. They change their clothes, and she duplicitously accompanies her husband to Jerusalem.

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Habitus: A Diaspora Journal is an international journal of Diaspora literature and culture founded by Josh Ellison. The magazine is poised to make a lasting impact with its unique global vision, world-class writing, and original translations. Each issue focuses on a different city, penetrating deep into the emotional and political substance of the urban environment. Every new city is a venue for illuminating a different corner of the world, and a different perspective on the issues that define us. While Habitus is rooted in the experience and language of the Jewish Diaspora, the magazine cannot be limited by the parochial boundaries of any single group. As Editor Joshua Ellison writes in the introduction to the first issue: ‘Habitus is not just about cataloguing distinctions. It’s a way of using the whole world as raw material for creating a more complete picture of ourselves.’

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Kalimat is a social, cultural and political quarterly committed to providing an outlet for open expression within the Arab region and its Diaspora. At the same time, it is a visual communication tool that serves to educate both those who read it and work to create it.The purpose is to be an open outlet for expression and to increase participation within the cultural/creative scene, providing a platform for Arab creatives to engage in thought and action around ideas, people and business, moving the world forward.


David Adika’s beautiful hardcover book of photography ‘Every Monkey is A Gazelle In Its Mothers Eyes’ was self-published by the artist and Braverman Gallery in 2010. The book constructs a syntax composed of gazes and signs that tie together the political and the aesthetic. The sequencing restructures the relationship between gaze and sign, so that the realm of the visible opens up onto a more complex set of social and cultural claims. The book was designed by Kobi Franco, and features texts by Vered Maimon and Hadas Maor in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. The book numbers 102 pages.

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Uri Gershuni’s ‘Day/Night’ was self-published by the artist in 2009. The book brings together photographs from various projects, including many images from his series ‘Dark Ages’, in which he documented Tel-Aviv nightlife. The book comes as two separate booklets that are held together in a slipcase. Together, they weave a narrative that is a meditation on the importance of light, and darkness, both on photography, and in life.

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