An exercise – In memoriam: David Weiss

As a homage to the late David Weiss, I decided to methodically transcribe Will Happiness Find Me?, a book that I continuously return to for inspiration.  This book of questions also contains images, numbers, and illegible scribbles. Here is my attempt to document every entry.

Six hours later:



307 Why is everything so far away?
8 Why does the earth turn full circle once a day?
8A What does my dog think? 35

<<cream pitcher>> 4

145 Who’s going to pay for my beer?
12C What’s the name of this forest? 215
8B Where is my bed?
166 Is this brown lump edible?
56 Would it help me if I dug a hole?
142 Are animals people?
53 Has the last bus gone?
63 When is the money coming?
335 Why doesn’t she call?
41 Who runs the city?
What happened 4.56 billion years ago?
86 How long is the Nile?
155 How much is 42 x 87?
27B What good who is the moon? Good for? 105
Is my being filled with serenity? 392
19B Should I get drunk? Another glass? 64 65
Is it okay to close your eyes and see landscapes colorful abstract  pictures when you’re listening to music? Images 390
Do I have to envision the universe as foam? 261
Do we go through a wall when we fall asleep? 267
238 Should I stay in bed? Was I good child? 239 Am I too soft? 240

<<bird eating seeds>>

Is there any farmlife left in the family? 46
2C Who’s nibbling on my little house? 245
Am I too good to work? 183 Where are my keys? 184
How long is the nile? 86 Is the earth a mother? 241

<<upright bird>>

Is my soul bedded on straw 259
Is my body a hotel? 174B
Should I make myself some soup? 96 Do I have to stay outside? 9S 13B
Will happiness find me? 162
Was it a mistake not to run away from home? 382


Am I a donkey?   sssssssss  246, 247 A
Is there a secret tunnel leading directly to the kitchen? 90
Should I marry my mother? 342
Am I my car? 122
Am I transparent?
Is my brain a poorly furnished apartment?

<<tea set>> 25

11B Why do I always fall out of bed at night? 120
1C Do souls wander? 243
Are people right to feel sorry for me? 27 383
Should I live in the woods as a robber? 374
22C Does that dog bark all night? 156
Is everything half as bad? 144
10B Is everything a dream? Has the last bus gone? 52, 53
Would I make a good cop? 91
1 Is hunger an emotion? 97 B
Am I musically homeless? 187
Should I show more interest in the world? 310
Am I a serf of the decimal system? 402
23 Why is it so quiet all of a sudden? 48 A
Will insects overtake us? (Should I go hunting?)
Why do we stick to the ground? What do the others know about me?
27C Where is the galaxy heading? 182
Who owns Paris? 26
Is the devil a cheerful person? 417
Does my car know me ? 24
Is everything in my head? mind?
Should I slaughter my pig?
18B What drives me? Where will I end up today? 125
10 Can music be used to calm me down? 39A
Is everything I have ever forgotten as big as a house? 223
Should I make myself available for research? 11
27 Do I know almost every-thing about myself? A 276
Am I frittering away my life? 345
Is my ignorance a roomy cave? 202/203
How do I come across? How do I look? 9
Do opinions come on their own? 3
30B Am I loved? 62
Why don’t they leave me alone? (in peace!?)
5B Is the world there when I’m not? 169
4 Should I walk around in rags? 44 A
26B Am I one of the chosen? 100

<<hot tea>>

Why are there bad people? 344 72
Could I have become something else? 277
Is freedom alive? 427
Does pigheaded wishing help? 428
Is resistance useless? 428375
22 81 Am I an oddball? A
Are fashions a plagues? Fashions act like evidences? How good is my hideout?
29 Is it possible to do everything wrong? 435 A
Should I let myself go? 294
112/87 kkw Why is everybody so nice all of a sudden? Is everything meaningless?
Why does nothing never happen? 320
Am I invisible to ghosts? Can ghosts see me? Can ghosts see me? 25
Have I ever been completely awake? 185
Is sleeping the only way to fight fatigue? 258
Am I caught in a web? 270
Is a witch riding me? 89
325 325 Should I smoke opium? Should I smoke opium?
Do we see the darkside of the world on television at night? 188
Why does it take the earth exactly one year to circle around the sun? 7
Should I visit alien galaxies in my with spaceship? 317
Do I have to imagine death as a landscape with a house that you can walk into and there’s a bed to sleep in? 165
30C Should I build a hut in the woods an live there alone nnn in poverty? 269
Whose fatigu fatigue do I feel? 368
Is it more important for the world or for me to be doing well? 250
What’s in a dog that enjoys lying in the sun? 337
Does profound peace prevail at home when I’m not there? 372

<<open door with view of landscape>>

Is two times two probably four? 349
Should I leave reality in peace? 367
Does coziness lead straight to disaster (and crime?) 393
18 Am I bored? Am I too well groomed? 79/80 A
Am I too soft?

<<moving car>>

30 Should I shun the light of day?
Are cow sheds the fountain of coziness?
How should I decorate my tree? 61
Are the aliens going to abduct us to paradise? 220

Is a ghost marching next to me? 284
Should I buy a strong lamp? Should I avoid daylight? How think is the fog? 208, 209 330
Is she armed? Carrying a weapon? 206 352
Is my stupidity a warm coat? 202
Why does everything revolve around me? 304
Can I still drive? 252
Do I like a good brawl? 399
Can I, may I do everything?
What do they know about me? 51
Should I eat chalk? 10
Did I say something wrong yesterday? 47
Do I have to stay outside? 365
26 Do we have to look at things soberly? A 73
20B Does everything take care of itself? 124
24C Am Was I gross? 151
Where is the nearest police station? 32
What percentage of me is animal? 172
Why do they hound me on all the channels at night? 430
Should I launch an investigation? 262
Isn’t everything always against me? 136
Should I shallow less? 179
Why do they keep filming me around the clock? 363
12B Why do I always have to fight? 98
Could we complain about most things? V 133
Is she drunk 292
Should I sow malice, hatred, and spite? 300
23B Why do I always know better? 107
Why doesn’t anybody appreciate that I behave normally? 311
Am I justifiably conceited, vain and complacent? 388
Is the stench coming from outside? 170
Should I invade Russia? 113
Should I punish the world by ignoring it? With ignorance? 348
Will children sing songs about me in a hundred years? 303
Should I satisfy myself? 331
Doesn’t everything on television have something to do with me? 178
17 Am I beautiful? 275
16C Am I a bloated wind bag? Is everybody else crazy? 138/139
Are my feelings emotions determined by bodily fluids? 6
Can the principle of yeast be applied to a lot of other thing? 83/288
Is the realm of possibility getting smaller and smaller?
Is my digestive system a wonderful thing? 286
Is my web of lies a masterpiece of innovation and engineering?

<<van with headlights on>> 85

Is any means justi-fied to stave off a bad mood? 114
Am I being exploited? 205
Why am I always right? 106
Is it presumptuous to ask for a little soup after a hard days work? 18
37A Do I <we> have to atone to penance for sssssssss everything?
212 Can something be unbelievable?
B8 Should I get drunk? 64
Why do they want to know where I was yesterday at 2:30pm? 137B
Am I doomed to wander through the vale of tears as a clown? 143
Is it time for an overthrow? 57
356 Can truth do whatever it wants? .. Get away with everything?

<<police car>> 52

Do facts check up on me? Should I pay less attention to my worries 283
Why does the world afford the luxury of having me? Do facts check up on me?
Am I being snubbed? 279
Could I be Japanese? 281
Do I need something sweet? 333 Are feelings private? 278

<<sports car>>

Why do I let myself be ordered around? All the time? 140
Should I trash everything? 141 23C
Are they eating everything away from me? 253
Am I a lousy, stink-ing rat? 221
23C Do I have to make myself clearer? 219 219
Why is everyone else always better off? 60
Can I let my wife admire the criminals she sees on television?
Will they blame me for everything?171
Am I abusing my power? 39A Should I lie? 33
Is it okay for my feelings to ignore my reservations? 431
17C Why can’t I sit still? 157
Why can’t I be truly really cheerful? 167 Do I have to be cheerful? 265
Why do I always agree with everything?
Is everything a hopeless shitty mess? 137
Am I
still good for any-thing? Am I good for anything?
Should I go to another city and rent an apartment under a false name?
Is it dangerous to dream of another life all the time?
Am I needlessly torturing myself? 266
Do I have to go through all of that again?
Do things (just) not happen slowly enough? Fast 373
Did something go terribly wrong for me shortly after the big bang? 103
Should I be put in chains? Should It be better for me 177
Should I put myself under surveillance? 37
Shouldn’t I be ashamed of things that have nothing to do with me? 418
Will something leak out? 362
Is the world full of secret messages? 384
Should I pay less attention to my worries? 291
43 Shall I go under? 6 A
Can I re-establish my innocence? 297

<<three sports cars>>

21C Beings in outer space? 152 Am I like a sponge? 153
Am I taking the wrong drugs? 326
Must I be ashamed of having no opinion about most things? 308
Is the freedom of birds overrated? 394
Is Mr. insanity at the door? 165
Should I secretly rent a room in Fairfield? 282
Am I somebody else in private? 14
Should I put my well-being at the center of my activities? 263
What is in my apartment when I’m not there? 260
290 Should I build myself a world of illusion? 290

Do galaxies separate me from the others? 289
25 Can everything be thought? A 216
Could I put my everylasting efforts to appear normal to better use? 313
Why is everybody so nice all of a sudden? 112
Is the devil pleased with me? 135
Is the world as it is part of a conspiracy? 225
Why aren’t the stars distributed more evenly? 237 572

Have aliens been living among us as in yogurt for a long time? Is it true that traces of aliens have been found in yogurt? 411
Am I my soul’s sleeping bag? 94
Why is everything so radiant? 257
Do I have to assume that time is a worm? 321
Is there a mistake around today that’s as big as the idea of the earth being flat? 163
Are the edges of reality diffuse?
Why do I live in an animal body? Is my body a hotel? 173,174
Should I paint a pirate ship on my car with an armed woman on it holding a decapitated head by the hair? 420
Am I a farmer in winter? 110
Should I stay in bed? 238
Are my body juices okay? Does (almost) everything have two sides? 4
Are there no limits to the impossible? 126
Can reality still be desig-nated as such? 38A Where is my bed? 67/8B
Can’t I see a sign behind every corner? 386
27 Is seven a lot? Am I connected with everything? Is everything liqued?
Should I roam, dazed and drifting, around the neighborhood? 128
Should I switch over to the invisible world? 410
Do I need absolute peace and quiet?
What’s waiting for us in the depths of the universe? 210
Is everything drifting apart? Are countries living creatures? 30,31
It is hard to imagine an empty universe? 271
Should I take drugs on scientific ground? 213
Should I slowly sneak away? 109
Should I take a walk outside at night in a storm in winter with a fever and wearing wet clothes?
Is it still possible to live in a cave nowadays, with no electricity? 164

<<turned on television>>

Was it a mistake to leave my home and stride out into the world expectantly? 381
Is it still possible to live in a cave with a strange wild woman? 318
Is my mirror enough contact with the outside world?
Should I people be stricter, harder and colder? To me? 413
How much for everything at Macy’s?
Would it be illegal to eat neanderthal meat? 117/118
Am I stuffed? 237 Am I flying? 10C
Does being tired help to understand secret messages? 403
Is there anything [useful] for scientists left to find out about me? 387

<<van with headlights on>> 85

Should I have somebody polish up my appearance? For a fee?
Are my feelings appropriate? 285
Can she tell? 272
Are illusions under constant attack frustrated by the coldness of the world? 399
Is my indecisiveness proof of my free will?
Can should I be happy with my head? 340
Could I be of they use me in a good movie? 364
9B Would I like to be a mysterious person, full of secrets? 93
Have they finished making me conform?
Should I have a good photographer take a good picture of me? 288
Why is my blanket so heavy? 146
7B Should I buy a big hammer? 254
Am I suffering from good taste? 168
Have they kept my noble origins a secret from me? 251
Does a dull glow settle on me when I watch TV? 380
Are most things connected with everything else?
144 Do coziness and elegance go their separate ways? 354
Have I never been completely awake? 185
Is everything worse… than it used to be? 434 Is she sulking? 244
Do I have to get up and go to work? 323
Am I leading a modern life? 309
Is the world as hard and cold as raw concrete? Is the coldness of the world best rendered in raw concrete?
What does my soul do when I’m at work? 315

<<chirping bird>>

Can I open up a store without knowing what I want to sell? 345
Do spiders weave their webs by feel touch? 274
5 Should I fly to India in a balloon? 190 A
Can’t somebody esle do that for me? 115
Is life a strange system of caves? 34
Should I give everything away and roam the world as a beggar? 23
Does my car get filled with feelings with I drive? 291
How little can I work and still call the rest of my time free time? 353
Does a ghost drive my car at night? 12
Are countries living creatures?
Was my bath too hot? 104
Are my fellow human beings at my mercy? 416
Is carelessness good for melancholy? Is freedom alive? 76/77
Should I buy a gun? Was it all a coincidance? 235
Should I remove my muffler and drive around the neighborhood at night? 301
Should I add some ill will to my pleasant nature?
Should I put some perfume on? And light a candle? 336
Are there false feelings? 334 Is there such a thing as bad music? 339
Are people flowers? 409
Is my soul the ghost that drives my car around at night? 316
Do I have to imagine subatomic space as something huge and dark and silent that you can climb down into? 224

<<ringing cordless telephone>>

Why won’t they let us talk about things we don’t understand? 302
Does my soul ever drive around the neighborhood at night without a muffler? 316
Does my soul live in a far-off land? 327
What does my muffler do when I drive around without it? 362
What happens to all the TV shows I don’t see?
Was the clown even real? 358
Should I weasel my way out of every decision? 389 A
Was there someone in my room? 230
Does my soul watch the TV shows I missed in a foreign country? 395
Would anybody look for me if I disappeared? 398
What’s dozing in secret? 192
What are those gloomy figures doing in the twilight at the end of the street? 408
Does unease sss grow  by itself? 400
Should I crawl into my bed and stop producing things all the time? 404
Is the engine warming up for to me? 378
Am I a clean well-oiled machine? 218
Is there a little train to take me out way out of this mess that shit goes though the dirt? 401
Is the nice thing about working that there’s no time left? 406
Does reality really deserve distrust? 293
Is happiness looking for me in the wrong place? 372

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